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Unsere 5 beste gesundesten Snacks und warum?

We choose our snacks very carefully. Yes we do see if they taste good but more importantly we see how healthy they are for us. We tell you why our selected snacks are “sehr gesund” and  what benefits do they provide you! Our list is not in order:

Primal Pantry:

These Bars just taste fantastic. If you haven’t tasted these then you have missed something in life. These are absolutely grain free and just cold pressed. This complements completely a clean eating lifestyle. The basic ingredients of every Bar are Dates. Dates are packed with several essential minerals that are necessary for oxygen transport, energy production, developing and maintaining bone health and boosting the immune system. They include iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium, potassium and zinc. So it’s a real power package in every Bar.

primal 300x199 - Unsere 5 beste gesundesten Snacks und warum?


Well my mouth doesn’t stop watering.  I met the founder of Gonats pretty down to earth person who manufactures these incredible highly tasty GONATS, you just cant have enough of these. He told me that it took him years to make these awesome snacks and well his work paid off. These are fantastic. These Vitamin Bombs have vitamin from A5,C,E. K1, D3, B1, B2, B§, B%, B&, B/, B9, B12 and they have absolutely No Fat!. Further they are full with Cacium, Iron and Copper which helps in energy production and Oxygen transport.

Just pop these in your mouth!

gonats - Unsere 5 beste gesundesten Snacks und warum?


Gemüse chips :

I am skeptic when it comes to “ Gemüse Chips” they may be better than normal chips but they aren’t better on your hips!. Until I discovered gemüse chips from Fancy Snacks. Wahnsinn! These are vacuum dried carrots, pumpkin and broccoli  with little fat and very few calories and they still taste wonderful. So this treats major component is beta carotene (in broccoli, pumpkin and carrots). As well as Iron and Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc.

DSC 0045 300x199 - Unsere 5 beste gesundesten Snacks und warum?


I love the concept of this company, offer simple natural foods that’s what they are doing. Nakd Raisins are “einfach anders” Consuming sources of sugar like raisins provides your body with energy, since your cells can easily use the sugars in fruit to drive your body’s metabolism. 

raisins 300x300 - Unsere 5 beste gesundesten Snacks und warum?

Seeds von Munchy Seeds:

Oh Mensch!  These are seeds snacks very very tasty and very very heathy. These seed snacks help in vision support, cell production, heart function, immune system, energy production, bone maintenance , brain performance, beauty maintenance, source of protein. So stop, eat these and be healthy!

munchy seeds 300x169 - Unsere 5 beste gesundesten Snacks und warum?

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