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Was ist wirklich gesunde Ernährung?

IMG 20170301 124049 - Was ist wirklich gesunde Ernährung?

… on “gesunde Snacks jagen”

I am currently going insane looking at what we eat. I want to eat healthy, buy good products for my kids but most of the products that I pick are full of chemicals, articficial dyes or other strange sounding ingredients. For me it’s a  nightmare thinking of what we consume and what I am offering to my Kids. My Oldest really wanted a “ Milchschnitte” and yes I did buy it for him (bad Mamma) and when I did get the time to read the label,  it was to my horror to what I was offering to my Kid. There isn’t anything Milk about the product, it full off ingredients that you would find in a chemical lab! I would rather spend a little more time making kids a nice cake with real ingredients which are not so insanely processed!

So I have now made a “6 ingredients rule”, foods with 6 or less products are labeled as healthy. But that doesn’t me fried chips with 6 ingredients are healthy or trail mixes with 7-8 seeds and nuts are unhealthy. The “6 ingredients rule” should  be of “Real foods” which are minimum processed and more of product from nature, dried nuts, seeds and fruits, with natura sweetners such as honey and maple syrup, with real yogurts, eggs and cheese and fruits and vegetables.An American Blogger Lisa Leake puts her definition of healthy Eating as:

“Healthy Eating = Consuming a variety of real, whole, unrefined foods that are provided to us by nature. This includes plenty of fresh produce as well as humanely raised animal products, wild caught seafood, nuts/seeds, and whole grains.”





Zutaten für ein gesunde  Snack
IMG 20170301 124123 2 - Was ist wirklich gesunde Ernährung?

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