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Clean Eating, try Bondi Kitchen! Interview with Founder (auf englisch)



We were amazed by these awesome snacks so we decided to do an interview with Sarah Sugden the Founder Bondi Kitchen herself.


1) Bondi Kitchen, tell us something about your company.

I created The Bondi Kitchen as a way to share the type of healthy snack I would typically prepare for my clients, with a wider community of sustainable-health focused people. My background is a natural foods Chef, and before re-locating to London I lived in Bondi, Sydney. The Bondi Kitchen brand and ethos is a combination of my active outdoorsy upbringing in Australian, with the desire to maintain a connection with nature and natural foods, even when living in an urban environment, such as London!


2) What are Bondi Kitchen Amazing Snacks?

Our launch range includes the Raw Superfood Energy Balls, available in four superfood flavour combinations. People love that our Energy Balls come in a pouch, with four balls instead of just one mass. They are the perfect snack to graze on during a busy day, or share with a friend. Kids love them too!


3) How did you come up with Bondi Kitchen Idea?

I’ve actually been making and enjoying Energy Balls from various fruit, nut & superfood combinations from many years! As a Holistic Chef, I’m often tasked with coming up with delicious and inspired ways for my clients to get more nutrients in their diet, and the Energy Balls have always proved to be the most popular of all. They are easy to eat on the go, a good source of dietary fibre and plant protein, and a terrific source of sustained energy – an all round perfect snack.

bondi - Clean Eating, try Bondi Kitchen! Interview with Founder (auf englisch)

4) How did the Market react to your new Product?

People seemed to be really drawn to the clean-style packaging of our products, and even happier with the soft and delicious taste and texture of the Energy Balls. They say people buy first with their eyes, and buy again with their taste buds, so we seem to be getting both of those right!


5) For whom are the Snacks made for?


Our core market are active people with busy lifestyles, who desire a healthy and energising snack in place of processed foods. The Bondi Kitchen is about choosing a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable; eating foods that nourish and sustain, with as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

BK Orange cacao white background  - Clean Eating, try Bondi Kitchen! Interview with Founder (auf englisch)

6) Which ingredients make Bondi kitchen different from other Snacks?

It’s a combination of the type and quality of ingredients we use that set us apart. We use a very high quality date that is super creamy in taste and texture, and superfoods such as chia, acai, raw cacao and berries are used across our range. We love using superfoods for their delicious taste and nutrient-dense properties.


7) How does the future for Bondi Kitchen looks like??

So many exciting plans in the pipeline! As well as developing new products for launch later this year, we’re using every opportunity possible to get out there and interact with people over our products and brand. As a new, independent brand we have our work cut out for us in grabbing peoples attention, but our following is loyal and growing, which is super exciting to see. As well loving our products, people seem to really like the authentic vibe of our brand and ethos. The whole ‘clean-eating’ obsession has become pretty hectic in the last couple of years. People love that our focus is less about encouraging a self-centric approach to healthy eating, and more about eating well, feeling great and doing good for the environment. We’ve just become a supporting member of 1% for the Planet, which will all come into play in the New Year.  Every time someone buys one of our products, 1% of the sale will go straight back into supporting the planet whether it be helping reverse the effects of climate change, removing rubbish and substances from the ocean, or improving access to sustainable, healthy food.tbk logo - Clean Eating, try Bondi Kitchen! Interview with Founder (auf englisch)

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